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Pastor's Page

Pastor Susan Chupungco joined the Sugar Loaf United Methodist Church on July 1, 2014.

A native of California, Susan relocated to New Jersey to attend seminary at the Drew Theological School. She graduated with a Master of Divinity degree. Susan has been an assistant pastor at the Yorktown Heights United Methodist Church and she and her husband, Angelo, were married in June of 2014.

Susan loves long walks, knitting and yoga. She enjoys arts and crafts and anything that involves construction with wood, glue, scissors, nails, fabric, etc. She loves the outdoors and believes that fresh air and sunshine are two of the best things in the world.

As a community of faith we‘ve recently engaged in conversation about some tough issues impacting our world. Following the trial of Larry Nasser we reflected on the evil of sexual harassment and abuse and how we might call upon the power of Jesus to cast this evil out of society. In the wake of yet another tragedy caused by gun violence we engaged with the very first teaching of Jesus which call us to, “repent and believe”, and we prayed for a national repentance that might lead to a metanoia or transformation of our nation and its leaders toward the way of Jesus. If you missed these sermons and are interested in receiving a copy please reach out to me. I am happy to share a transcript of my message.  

I am grateful to those who have shared with me their responses to the sermons regarding these topics. I continue to be encouraged by the commitment of this community to wonder together what it looks like to follow Jesus in today’s world and to pray about how we might put our faith into action in our everyday lives. I am greatly inspired by the faith that God is growing is us as a community and for the ways that that Holy Spirit might be leading us to continue to study the Scriptures and how they speak to the issues of the contemporary world. In that spirit, I encourage you to learn about the United Methodist Church and how we as the body of Christ are putting HIs teachings into practice to tackle issues of Civil and Human Rights, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Health and Wholeness, Peace with Justice, and Women and Children from a sound biblical and theological foundation.

One place to learn about this work is through the Social Principles. The Social Principles of the United Methodist Church are summaries of stated convictions based on our understanding of Scripture and the teachings of Jesus. They urge us not only to live differently in the world but also to urgently build a different kind of world than the one we have now - one that resembles the kingdom of heaven. They are a product of prayer, but they also lead us to fervent prayer and call us to put our faith into action in everyday life. I will be making copies of the United Methodist Social Principles available for you in the coming weeks. I have ordered copies of them for anyone who wants one. 

You may also learn about the work that the United Methodist Church is doing nationally and globally by visiting the website for the United Methodist Board of Church and Society. You can find their work online at The board is called to work toward the implementation of the Social Principles and to bring the whole of human life into conformity with the will of God. Addressing more than 30 social issues on which the United Methodist Church has claimed a position, the Board of Church and Society communicates with policymakers and leaders around the world with the mission of transforming the world. Through our connection to the United Methodist Church, we are a part of their work and are invited to seek ways that we as individuals and as a church might support and participate in their work.  

I am grateful for your spirit of faith that seeks God’s justice in the world through living out the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 
Pastor Susan